New Denver Studio!

I am so excited to announce I have a new studio in Rino Arts District in Denver, CO!


I’ve been moved in and working for 1 week and already have 3 new pieces going and 3 other commissioned works in progress. There’s something about a new fresh space that brings a wild new burst of inspiration. I am so excited to share with y’all my new landscape paintings, portraits and other kinds of work I am creating!


Hope everyone has an amazing week! Let’s do this!


RSA Has moved to Denver!

The last 5-6 months I traveled all over the country, taking some much needed time away from the studio to experience more outdoors, which was inspired me to be an Artist in the first place. I love creating custom art and tattoos for clients, but the everyday grind can burn an Artist out. I needed to let go of the routine, let go of the controlled space and rediscover who I am as a person and Artist. Our thirties are pivotal years. They bring wisdom, clarity, gratitude and insight into how we decide to move further based on our past. I realized a lot of things while being in the middle of the desert, with no cell service, or camping under the stars somewhere out west.

It is incredible to see what you’ve done to build the life you want, but when we pay so much attention to our past and the things that we have accomplished or failed at it keeps us from focusing on our future. I was in love with my tattoo and art studio in Texas. When I’d walk into my shop or studio, I felt accomplishment and a sense of success that hugged me. But I kept thinking, what would I feel if this wasn’t a constant reassurance. Would I focus on the future if I wasn’t surrounded with all the things I’ve created up until this point? And my answer was YES. I truly felt I needed to break my routines, let go of my comfortability and understand that the most true sense of being is in the present. So I packed my entire shop and studio up. I put all the remaining art and essentials in storage and I wandered for months on the road. I rediscovered the work I really wanted to create and began oil painting- which was different based on the previous years of heavily focusing on illustrating.

I found a joy while painting unparalleled. It felt like complete freedom, and while I felt like a complete amateur since it had been so many years, it became fun to not be super great at it. Now, fast forward 6 months I am much more fluid with painting, and my work looks way more realistic. I’m really enjoying painting landscapes from ideas in my head with no photo reference. It allows me to be free of the constraints of what something should look like and focus on what I want to invent. There is power in creating from a vision only in your own mind because only you can speak to when it’s complete, successful or what you need to feel when you look at it with nothing to compare it to. And now, that is the theme of work I’m focused on brining to life in my new studio. I knew the second I was ready to settle down and get a new studio, start up again in another city- one that I actually began to build my art business in, and now it comes full circle, back to where it all began. Hello, Denver.


“Alive Again” NFT (original version) sold this past weekend on Open Sea!!

I am incredibly grateful that in joining the NFT world, many new collectors have been introduced to my work! If you don’t know much about NFT’s yet, look into what they are, read about them, listen to podcasts, & get involved. It is still early. I remember when a friend of mine told me 8 years ago to get into crypto currency. If I would have the, we all know the result now. This is a platform that accepts Crypto (ETH & WETH) to purchase Non Fungible Tokens. They are an excellent investment and have been proven to gain substantial profit for collectors. The world is changing at a rapid speed, I am working tirelessly to adapt to see new opportunities with my art. I always say, “I didn’t come this far to only come this far”.

Be sure to check out the Rashelle Stetman Art collection with new collections dropping very soon! These are the most colorful versions of my art to ever be sold, and only on this platform! No prints or reproductions of these variations sold anywhere else!

Check it out today at

Now Selling NFT’s

Rashelle Stetman Art is now selling NFT’s on Open sea! The first collection nearly sold out, only 2 left!
Check out the new collections at


I’m so excited to announce that my company, Rashelle Stetman Art will have a tent at the New Braunfels Farmers Market! I have been waiting to get into this highly competitive market for several months and now will be there the first two Saturdays of every month! I will be located right past the hostel stand as you enter Krauses.

Come say hi and check out framed originals, prints, greeting cards, temporary tattoos and more! I can’t wait to see some friendly faces, and meet new friends! See you soon!

148 S Castell Ave.
New Braunfels, TX



What is the Process of Commissioning a Custom Piece of Art? 

Clients email me at with their Art Ideas. I ask that potential clients send photos of what they want me to reference. If the client does not have a specific photo they want me to reference, I ask the style/perspective image of what they are desiring in their custom piece.

Anything that can provide a better understanding of what their vision is helps me make sure I can be successful in brining that vision to life.

If it is a portrait, I ask that clients send several (clear & well lit) photos to provide me with and together we can select the one that will make the strongest drawing. 

After selecting the photo reference or locking down the detail of the ideas/concepts behind the commissioned art, I will send clients a “Commission Proposal” that outlines all details of their custom project. (Medium, Quote, Size, Dates, Deadline, Payment Methods Accepted etc.)

This allows my clients to have a form to sign, then I sign agreeing to the terms of the project. This way there is no room for alterations or worry from my clients on if I will change the vision.

The most important part of the Commissioned Process is staying true to what my clients vision is. I will not stray away or alter the ideas that are important to you- that is my personal guarantee.