What is the Process of Commissioning a Custom Piece of Art? 

Clients email me at rashellestetman@gmail.com with their Art Ideas. I ask that potential clients send photos of what they want me to reference. If the client does not have a specific photo they want me to reference, I ask the style/perspective image of what they are desiring in their custom piece.

Anything that can provide a better understanding of what their vision is helps me make sure I can be successful in brining that vision to life.

If it is a portrait, I ask that clients send several (clear & well lit) photos to provide me with and together we can select the one that will make the strongest drawing. 

After selecting the photo reference or locking down the detail of the ideas/concepts behind the commissioned art, I will send clients a “Commission Proposal” that outlines all details of their custom project. (Medium, Quote, Size, Dates, Deadline, Payment Methods Accepted etc.)

This allows my clients to have a form to sign, then I sign agreeing to the terms of the project. This way there is no room for alterations or worry from my clients on if I will change the vision.

The most important part of the Commissioned Process is staying true to what my clients vision is. I will not stray away or alter the ideas that are important to you- that is my personal guarantee.