This 4.5×4.5 work is on Baltic Birch and is drawn in graphite and charcoal. I recently started adding various wood stains and paint to push the figure back into the wood. I enjoy the feeling of the figure emerging from the wood and not being drawn on top as if it is separate. This is something I am really focusing on in these new large-scale portraits. Beyond breaking the boundaries in size I plan to focus on experimenting further out of my comfort zone and really harnessing my faith into the act of creating. I didn’t have a plan to abstract parts of this piece but as I was working something inside me begged for the piece to have less of the image fully rendered. I am learning everyday things I wish I did in my work and now finding the strength in myself as an artist to just go for it, even if it means backtracking sometimes. Without taking risks I realize the limitations are much more strict. Breaking my own rules has become my favorite part of this piece.