Hiring an Assistant

In the 8 years I have built and ran my business, Rashelle Stetman Art, I have taken on all jobs of what it entails to grow. Often times, that means teaching myself things I thought I would never know. For example, working the backend of a website, learning mathematical equations I thought I’d never need to know and so much more.

Why Hire an Assistant?

After several years, when you get to a place where you don’t have to take on all jobs- hiring an Assistant, is vital. If you have found yourself in a place financially where you can budget the extra spending, the return on investment is inevitable. Hire your assistant to do things that will bring you more income. Hire them to do things that you may not be good at or know how to do. Take advantage of the opportunity to use someone else’s brain instead of limiting the ideas within your business to your own.

In my opinion, this allows you the possibility of growing your business in ways you maybe hadn’t ever thought of. The saying “two heads are better than one” is the real deal. Whoever came up with that one, I owe a lot to.

Sometimes, when you have been a one man show for countless years, you think you know it all. Fact is- you don’t.

Make Art Not Stress

I’ve been reminded of this a time or two when I have made mistakes. I am not ashamed, but rather learned this lesson I needed to to get me to this point. You know only what you limit yourself to, and that is the cold, hard truth. The things you aren’t as strong at doing and/or take more time for you to achieve- those are the tasks I force myself to let go of, pass them off to my incredible assistant and get back to doing what I was made to do- create art.