Micron Pen Illustration – $65.00 Class

This class is designed to teach students/artists the core techniques of drawing in micron pen. This has been such a fun media to use in my own work and I want to be able to share the love for it with other artists. Students will learn the different ways to shade in pen including stippling, hatching, cross hatching and fill. After some warm up in getting familiar with the media, students will then begin to draw their own landscape pieces. These landscape pieces can be of ANYTHING students want from cityscapes to backwoods camping scenes. I always reccomend whatever you chose should be something personal, something that really hits home.

I will provide students with a variety of Micron Pens assorted by size. They will get familiar with working in different sizes including the brush pen, which dramatically changes the look of a line and shading. I will show through examples//demonstration how the use of a thick line can be used to help strengthen an illustration and the how the use of the smallest pen can create unimaginable detail. Students are welcome to make their work as minimal//detailed as desired. The point of this class is to master the understanding of technique with drawing in this media and apply it to your own individual style as an artist.

If you want to learn how to draw in pen, take this class…but I am warning you now, you will get addicted!

Thursday, Mar 08 2018
07:00:00 PM
Price: $65.00

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