Working from the Dry Ice Factory was such an incredible experience, I will miss it so much and the other artists that were part of that space. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut if it keeps telling you something.

Needing to have more space was becoming more apparent. Being in my old studio again opens doors for what I can do in one single space. My process when I create goes through several stages using several different mediums.

The steps in my process of building one of my works is pretty similar each time, but always growing with new ways of accomplishing things. Sanding the wood is the first step. Then comes selective staining. I stain specific sections of the wood and then begin sketching the figure in pencil. From this point, I will go back and fourth staining and drawing. At this step in my process, I am trying to allow the piece tell me if the figure should be light on a dark background or dark on a light background. It ALWAYS needs to be one or the other to help the figure stand out and not get lost.

At the end of the drawing process I seal the work with a archival spray holding all media to the wood making it unable to smear or smudge.

People have asked me what my process looks like so I wanted to be able to put it into words.