For the last five years I have worked from my home studio being surrounded with only my dogs energy. As amazing as it has been to be creating around Ziggy all day everyday, I knew something was missing.

I have always dreamed of having a studio in which artists of all different crafts surround me and all of our creative juices are flowing and inspiring one another. These last two months, I reached that goal.

I am in the Dry Ice Factory building, in the Rino Art District in Denver, CO. The artist I am with in there are absolutely amazing and everyday we work together I feel an immense amount of growth.

The other Denver artists that are inhibiting this collaborative space are Joe Friend, with Joe Friend Photography, Luke Gottlieb with Victor Of Valencia Photography, Adam Vicarel with Vicarel Studios, and Travis Bartlett With Bartlett Creative. Beyond their incredible creative talent, they are some of the most genuine humans I have ever met. Sharing a studio space with these individuals is beyond what I could have imagined because it is better than any other environment I have created in.

On a typical day, we usually all have phone meetings, draw, take time lapse videos of us working, play with the team of dogs we have and take moments to laugh at ourselves and the silliness that goes on. Often, one of us has a studio guest coming to visit weather its someone we are meeting with or just a friend coming to say hi and check out the awesome space we have.

Our window overlooks the Denver Skyline which is amazing in the day, but my favorite time in there is late at night. I make sure to take a moment away from my work to turn the lights off and appreciate the breath taking view we are spoiled with.

As a collective group of Denver Artists we all are in awe that we found such a perfect space. Now that I am in this studio I will NEVER go back to working from my home studio. I realized just what I was missing.

A huge thank you to Adam, Joe, Travis and Luke for inspiring me further in my craft and always setting the bar high.