July 21, 2017

5-9 PM

Steamboat Springs, CO

I worked the majority of the last year on this body of work reflecting a western lifestyle. Some iconic images are included but many images from families in the Steamboat Springs area that helped shape that community that I grew up in. Your roots are a vital part of who we are and who we grow to become. My history of growing up in Steamboat has shaped the artist, woman and soul I am today which pours into each piece my hands touch. I wanted to have this show in Steamboat for the purpose that it hit a place in my heart on a deeper level, its where the work was made to be exhibited. The “venue” is actually in my good friends barn on her families ranch, it was a place I spent a lot of time as a kid and seemed too perfect to consider any other place.

I Built all the easels for it, had several prints and clothing pieces put into production to then sell at this event. Each original shown is custom framed and protected. I am so excited about this exhibition, I hope to see you all there!