This last year has really helped me develop new ideas and rituals of working. I go about each day drawing, shading, sanding, painting, spraying works with varnish, speaking with clients, all the while I am analyzing my mistakes constantly. One thing that keeps me sane through it all is writing. I try to write every night before I either continue to draw or, if I am lucky, fall asleep.

For me, writing brings my true and genuine self out to play. I can express my soul in a way that cannot be put into words. I read often, write letters to friends and send them to their actual physical addresses, and ask myself why exactly I am this seemingly eighty year old woman in a 24 year olds body. Old souls are different, we do not need much interaction, to be honest I feel like all my art pieces are becoming my babies. I come home, they are all staring at me in the studio happy I am home- or so I hope.

When I need a little energy pick me up, I go on walks with my dog Ziggy, he is my absolute favorite energy to be surrounded with, I owe an immense amount of my happiness to my little German Shepherd mutt, Zig. Sometimes I will look over at him while I have been working relentlessly in the studio and he  s covered in pencil shavings or paint drips. He is a TROOOPER.  I find it very essential to have a good energy “something” in the studio while working. I have a ton of crystals around and I continuously will pick them up throughout the day. This is something of a ritual now. I put so much art out there but I wanted to end this years blog with something a little more personal in how I live this crazy artist life.

As it is coming to the end of 2016 I am looking over the last year of my business, Rashelle Stetman Art and am overwhelmed with gratitude. Between the amazing people I have been able to work with, the incredible individuals that found my work and encouraged me, I am speechless. I am tremendously blessed to live this kind of life and I couldn’t do it without the support of ALL OF YOU. Fans, friends, clients, Black Eye Coffee, Fed Ex, Reed Photography, etc. You have all made my business grow, but more importantly my passion has grown. I am proud to know the strong support system I have gained through my artwork. Thank you, and have an absolutely amazing Holiday!

Rashelle Stetman Art