As of the beginning of October 2017, I have been living part time in San Diego and Denver. Denver has been my home for over 8 years now and I absolutely love it there, it is such a part of who I am. However, California has presented countless business opportunities to create for, starting with my new client as of May 2017, Chad Michael Murray.  Living between Denver and San Diego has been the best of both worlds for sure. From the beaches to the mountains my work goes with me everywhere.

I find myself pulling off on the side of the road spontaneously to enjoy the hustle my life is now and make sure to take a breath. If there is one thing I’ve learned its that the moments to yourself in the midst of the craziness should be cherished, they are few and far between. While building a business is demanding and involves many stresses, there is comfort in knowing I am spending my life doing what I am most passionate about. Life already feels like its passing me by sometimes, working long hours, pushing myself so hard because if I don’t this whole dream could fall through the cracks. Thats pressure, thats real. That is the life of a professional artist and I knew that going into it, so the little moments when the wind dies down and the sun begins to set is when I take time to breath. To thank myself for working like this for myself to have a better life in the future. I tell myself its okay, and this is what you have to do to get to that place you fall asleep dreaming about.  This is the time to thank the universe that you were able to wake up and even experience that moment.

I’ve spent much of my young life wondering why I didn’t fit in. The artist in me knew one day I would live the life I wanted, make my own choices and be my own person. Go where I want, spend my time with people I want to surround myself with etc. Fast forward several years later and I know this is exactly what I pictured. Ive taught myself that listening to myself has only improved my state of being. Something has been calling me back to California and I have to figure out why.

I hardly know anyone there, meanwhile my studio, my amazing studio mates and friends are all in Denver. This is a moment of my life I find myself torn. How can you want something so bad but have no justification as to why? THIS IS WHAT BEING AN ARTIST IS. It is intuition, it is feeling, it is your soul speaking to you. And now, I am listening.

Throughout these next few months traveling on countless highways, I want to share how this experience is changing me and growing me in ways I couldn’t otherwise. Am I terrified it may all be for nothing? NEVER. Nothing is for nothing because in order for that to be true you would be standing still. That is not my plan. My plan is to push myself, because I didn’t come this far to only come this far.

Photo By: Austin Mullen (Carlsbad, CA)