I love being a professional artist in San Diego, California. That ocean breeze allows such amazing creativity to flow and I feel like my work is coming into its own new style.

A change of scenery really does that for me. Everything I take in around me comes into what I am creating next. If I was to line up all my pieces it would be a perfect view into my story. With each piece created, I remember that specific time in my life, and it humbles me. It’s comforting. I am realizing how important it truly is to remember and consciously look back on where you came from & where your dreams began. What helped build that dream up? What influences did you have to make it to where you are today? Remember, remember! It brings me pride to see what I have built my company to and the fact that I travel often and create full time. The universe has been so good to me.

But I didn’t come this far, to only come this far. I am very excited and extremely determined for 2019, to bring new and even better/bigger opportunities.

For all you entrepreneurs out there, I am proud of you. I understand the lifestyle, the hustle, the stress, the reward and the failure. Stick with it, we are in this together to create a improved, more evolved world.

2019, BRING IT THE F*** ON.