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Western Art


Find The Perfect Print for Your Style & Budget

Rashelle Stetman Fine-Art Prints reflect a wide range of work created over the last 10 years. We use two types of high-quality paper that vary in price, paperweight and texture. It is important for our customers to be able to find the perfect print to fit both their budget and desired look.

Giclee Prints of the highest quality are offered on a natural white watercolor paper that weighs 315 gsm. Archival Prints on photo paper are printed from top-of-the-line equipment to ensure the best possible color accuracy in your prints. Using very thin laser beams, your professional latent-image print is imaged at incredibly precise resolutions, ensuring crisp, sharp detail.

With our attention to detail, you can be assured your print is handled with care. Every surface catches the light and evokes a viewer’s feelings in differing ways, this is why selecting the right image, then the preferred paper is vital.

Every print will be signed & shipped in a protective tube, ensuring its safety as it travels to its new home.