Part of my business plan for 2017 is to be able to have my work available for every budget. I want to be able to produce as many options of my work as possible to appeal to a more diverse audience. I believe it is our job as artists to share what we do with the world.

I don’t want to be one of those artists that only has originals for sale that many people would not be able to afford, meaning less people have your work and get to in turn enjoy it. I want my business to change this in the art world. I am currently working on building a strong print inventory where anyone could find something they can purchase for their budget. As of now, my new pricing starts at $25.00 a print-$650.00

I am also making efforts to apply my work to other surfaces, such as prints on metal and clothing. Soon, my site will have prints on metal and clothing for sale in addition to prints on various different types of paper. This is a long process with many tests to make sure I am putting out the best products possible. I am very excited to have my new print page up and see the response I get from my fans. If you ever have a question about getting a print on something I do not offer on my site, I would love to be able to look into it and see if I could get a custom one made just for you!


Contact me at for any questions!