When I started drawing pet portraits, I had no idea it would become one of the leading types of commissions for the custom art side of my business. I remember the first time I drew a dog, I was commissioned to do a huge 20 x 24 inch portrait of a German Shepherd. It was insane how hard it was, but by the end (55 hrs later) I was like DAMN! I did it! and that’s how it always starts. The second you learn how to draw something new, it becomes an addiction to get better and better until you feel you have hit that level of hours where you are professional at it.

I absolutely love drawing dogs. Its therapeutic for me. The strokes in the fur, the highlights in the eyes and the wet noses are so much fun to bring to life! The best part is seeing my clients face light up when they see their baby! To commission your very own pet portrait, contact me on the contact page here on rashellestetman.com or email me directly at rashellestetman@gmail.com