This was the group exhibition at Abend Gallery in Denver. This was the proudest moment of my career yet. Showing with Abend Gallery was such an honor and it really pushed me to build stronger work, take chances and believe in myself more.


The support of the gallery was such an inspiration, it is how it should always feel. To be asked to show with the other artist in this show “Edge of Realism” was absolutely insanity. They are artists I have looked up to for years. One of the artists name, Johan Barrios is one of my favorite artists, I got to see his work in person for the first time! It was so moving I almost cried. Work that can stir up emotion inside oneself is the work that will always stick with me and provide something more than an image, its more real than that. It’s an experience, it is a moment in time you and the work build a relationship. Opinions are formed and observations surface as you gaze around this new piece of someone else’s world. For me, seeing the other work was the most amazing part of the evening. It will forever be in my mind.


Not only was the work absolutely breath taking, the support that night was tremendous. So many of my inspirations in the art world and outside showed to come view  Edge of Realism. This special friend of mine, has seen my work from the beginning as she works at the business I get prints made. She has always been so supportive and positive, always providing feedback and ideas. I have a huge level of respect for the people who follow my work and aren’t afraid to tell me what they think about my work-for real, like the 100% truth. There is always room for improvement, so I want to know where.


This night meant the world to me, it was a monumental moment in the beginning of my career as a professional artist. If you get a chance to come check out a show, please come say hi!