Mount Shasta has been the place I’ve found the most inspiration along this trip. I have never felt the energy that I did while I was there! It was like my artistic inspiration exploded and I was overwhelmed with ideas and excitement! I was drawing landscapes in the mountains and forests for days. My dog Ziggy and I fished one day at Shasta Lake and hiked around soaking up all the goodness Shasta has to offer. I couldn’t leave, and I haven’t stayed anywhere this entire trip for that many days. Pretty fun not knowing where you will end up- as long as I am with Ziggy we are good is what I have learned.

I am so excited to share the work with you guys when I’m back in the studio!

Currently, I am in Portland, Oregon. I camped at Mt. Hood and visited with a new artist friend in Bend for a bit. I just visited with some family, and got to babysit my cousins kids yesterday! Spending time with little kids warms my heart like nature does so I am pretty much full of all the vibes right now.

Life is good.