So many Artists create their logo designs on a computer program like Illustrator or Photoshop. Some on an iPad with Procreate. I create everything by hand. Pencil to paper, I begin creating the masterpiece that reflects the unique and rare parts of who you are as a business owner and what your business illuminates. Being a deep thinker in all parts of my life, I feel a hand illustrated logo offers something that something created on a screen doesn’t. In no way do I think that type of art is less than what I do, but its process is less personal. Less raw. Less true to the organic nature of what comes to life through the drawing process.

After my logos are drawn in Micron Pen on Smooth Bristol paper, I will then send it off to my design team and have them Vector your piece for you for all printing and web needs! This means you have the same type of files a designer would provide you with, in addition to a custom piece of art you will be sent and can put up in your home or office. There is something special in my eyes about having the original drawing of your logo. That 40 years from now you could glance over on your wall and see what started your empire you have today. That is my dream, that is what I hope to be helping people with for years to come.