After countless hours of attempting to take every viewer right into my studio and feel like you can smell the paint and hear the stroked of the pencil on paper. This is my world, and I wanted to invite you into it. 

I owe a huge thank you to my Web Designer and Assistant, Miss Sydney Wallis. As another Fine Arts Graduate, I absolutely fell in love with her attention to detail & work ethic. I knew she would create something that reflects the work she has witnessed coming to life in the Rashelle Stetman Art studio. 

I have heard this a lot…. “You are an Artist….so what’s it like to just paint all day?” It kills me inside, because if you know any Full-Time Artists, you know that we wear many hats in our business. From accounting, to ordering supplies, to fulfilling orders, to creating new products to buy it is constantly a work in progress. Sometimes, I won’t have the chance to draw or paint for two weeks on end because the business side of this career tends to take over.

I wanted this website to reflect the wide range of styles I work in, art services I provide, and products I sell. Beyond that, I wanted the site to express my personality and extreme dedication to my Artistic Career. Sydney went above and beyond to make sure this site gives you that “sneak peek” feel. Like you could get a sense of who I am, and what it is like to work with me through commissioning your own custom piece. 

Please, feel free to explore, view the countless “behind the scenes” in the studio and the projects companies have hired me to create! I am so excited to be sharing all of it with you! It is an honor to work with so many amazing clients, companies and friends throughout the last 8 years. The best is yet to come!