If you have not checked out my work hanging at the Industry Denver building, DO IT! I am so honored to have my work in such an amazing collaborative space with around 70 businesses surrounded in Rashelle Stetman Art.

Here is an image of a Shotgun Painting I did a few years ago. This one was hilarious to create, it was the most playful and childlike experience I have had with my career yet, as I typically work very tight and controlled. There was nothing controlled about this process.

I filled several balloons with acrylic paint and some water. I hung all these balloons from a wooden contraption I built and a canvas hanging a few feet back from the balloons. I would then stand at different lengths away and shoot through the balloons so the paint began to make a very uncontrolled splatter painting! I used my moms shotgun she has had for years so it had a personal connection to our family.

After this process I stretched a fully black painted canvas around the stretcher bars and then double wrapped the newly splattered canvas over that. This way the holes the shotgun created provided some depth with the black you can see through it.   I had it custom framed with quality/durable wood and painted it black. It is a 4.5×3.5 ft. piece, so it will occupy some substantial wall space.

This is such a fun piece, it has such GOOD VIBES and is FOR SALE! Contact me at rashellestetman@gmail.com or pop over to Industry to see it in person and speak with the receptionist at the front desk!