For me this has been a long time coming. I haven’t taken time off in years. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I did- thats when you know it’s time. I started brainstorming what I wanted to create for my next series of work and thought of how much I love fishing.

The more I researched all the different fish I could get inspired with I realized I should just go out and fish to gain true inspiration from the source. So- here I go. I will be out of the studio Camping and Fishing all over the coast of California and for now thats all I want to plan. My life is so planned, and I love living that way- it keeps me sane and comfortable. Now- I’d like to live a little insane for a while, as Salvador Dali (my biggest inspiration) would encourage this in EVERY artist.

All my camping/fishing gear is packed- poles, my dog and the several maps. Yes- maps because I am “old school” like that. My mom inspires me to live like she did growing up. She said it was the most liberating experience to not know where you’ll end up- just go and figure it out. I felt my soul light up when we were talking about it.

So here’s to 20 DAYS on the open road with my dog Ziggy as my co pilot. I’ll be Plein Air painting at some of the most beautiful places like the Redwoods, Big Sur and many other places I have yet to know of.

Meanwhile I’ll be working on scheduled commissioned pieces for my awesome clients supporting this crazy journey. I always am in such a controlled environment and so the packing for this was extensive making sure everything travels safe and stays in mint condition along the adventure. Some nights I’ll be drawing out of my car all nestled in with Zigs using my headlamp, laughing about how silly it all seems and at the same time witnessing how beautiful it is to live minimally and see the art still gets made because I am still me just adapting to new places. We forget that when we live comfortable there is so much to learn in the “uncomfortable”.

Bring on the adventure!! Thank you to all of you for supporting me in my crazy Artist life. Make sure to check out Instagram to see the fish I’m catching and the places I find, I want to share this experience with all of you! Heres a shot taken of the first time I fly Fished- can’t wait to feel this again!

Much love and wishing you all the best in YOUR adventures too!