Through my work I have noticed some things I really am not proud of. It is okay to admit this as artists to our audience in my mind because honesty is art. I mean its all there laid out on the canvas for you to see. We are waiting for your judgements, opinions, criticisms and overall reaction.


I am not happy when I look at the body of work I have focused on in the last year that it is all the same age range of models. I am limiting the wisdom of someone much older, someone who has seen much more life and experience. And the amazing thing is, with visual art this requires no words. A persons skin shows a story, it shows the paths we have taken; evidence of a life lived.


This made me want to start sketching wrinkles, it pushed me to draw weathered, older figures. This piece is one of my studies of that. It seems to me a figure such as this tells much more of a story than a young model. Though young models provide beauty, they do not reach the depth of what something like this can, its truth is a visual image, raw and uncensored. It forces you to keep looking into the wrinkles and follow the lines, each line an experience and as such is marked as history.

Piece Information:

Graphite on Smooth Bristol

6×8 inches

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