Hey everyone! Thank you so much for your continued support in commissioning artwork! I absolutely love the client list I have developed over the last 8 years! I truly feel my work has attracted the exact type of clients I have always strived to gain. Kind, Compassionate, and connected.

Somedays I wake up and one of my clients stories pops into my mind, it blows me away the strength in human beings. It is not rare anymore for clients to share their life story with me, the longer you create custom art for clients, the more well versed you become in opening up to others and them opening up to you. Its such a beautiful connection that I am honored to have. And the more depth to a project assigned to me to draw, the better it comes out. Clients have shared stories of grief, euphoric joyful moments in their lives, accomplishments, failures, hardship, family etc. Through hearing these stories I realize more and more how connected we really are as a species.

We are not alone, we are all one. One letter makes all the difference and I continue to set out to help bridge that gap we all tend to go to when going through hardship. The clients who have gone through hell and back are often commissioning a very intricate and thoughtful piece for someone else. Their kindness, even through trials and tribulations lights up the world. That is one of the best parts of doing what I do. Hearing others stories, and then seeing that through all of the “ugliness” life throws at them, they still are thinking of others and what they can do to bring light to another life. Wow. I am just the illustrator, they are the real creator. I give my clients all the credit.

I love you all!