Throughout the last several years of running my Custom Art Business, I’ve been broadening my range of styles & subject matter to meet all my clients art needs. I was recently commissioned to create a series of Fish on Wood Panel for an avid fly fisher.

Now having 2 of the 3 pieces in progress, I can honestly say drawing fish is extremely challenging. To not only create something that pops out from the wood grain is the obvious challenge, but then to push the realism so much that the fish appears wet, and more hyper realistic is another. I told my client Jess I would make it look like it just got out of the water, that is no easy task, but when its been said, it must be done. And if you know me, you know I will stop at nothing.

I thought Dogs were difficult to draw the first handful, and then they became easier, and I got a little quicker. I find if you draw something enough times, you start to get faster at drawing it. Things become easier, and eventually you become an expert at drawing that one thing. For me, that has become dogs, but it isn’t fish yet, which means I will be sitting her drawing them instead of out with my fly rod on the Guadalupe! SO grateful to have clients that make me excel at the one thing I know I was born to do- create.

Thank you all for your continued support in commissioning me, purchasing originals, prints, cards etc. You guys are the absolute best!

The Fish Series pieces will be posted within the next month when it is complete! To commission your own custom art, email me today at