My returning client, Chad Michael Murray came back to me for another large scale piece to be created of his family. He had a vision of the Vacation Movie poster on his wall, but instead of Chevy Chase and the other actors, its him and his family members. This has been a really challenging piece to create, especially with the sheer amount of space I had to shade in.

Ultimately, as artists we want to take on projects that challenge us, but I had my moments with this one. These clients are in turn helming you grow so much by asking you to draw things you never have before.

Included in this fully rendered illustration is 2 separate portraits of Chad’s kids, Chad, his wife Sarah, a snake, golf clubs, a dog, hand written text, a landscape background, a car, a fishing pole, tennis racket, and his kids stuffed animals. (cause that makes it way cuter)

On top of the subject matter being a challenge- I AM COLOR BLIND. This was one hell of a commission and I am so incredibly proud of how it turned out. Nothing but the absolute best for my clients. Thank you so much to all of you who believe in me and support what I do.

Here is a small section of this massive 45 x 60 piece! Final image coming soon. (with blurred faces over his children out of respect for Chad and Sarahs wishes)