Recently I Took a business trip to Southern California area and met with several clients. I had the honor of meeting with my recent celebrity client Chad Michael Murray and his beautiful family at their house. Beyond their amazing hospitality and awesome energy, i was able to view my actual commission art piece on the wall in their home. It was such an unreal experience I will forever be grateful for.

When Sarah and I (chad wife) were talking about my work, she made a comment on the detail I get in the eyes I draw. She was impressed with the eyes she said and how “real” they looked. I remembered this, as it was such a compliment coming from such a talented actress who has done so well for herself and remains incredibly humble.

On Saturday I was working in the studio and wanted to just spend a few hours sketching for fun and brushing up on some looser style sketching. I decided to draw a few different sets of Sarah’s eyes when reflecting on what she had told me a few weeks before. Later that day I received a phone call from Chad and Sarah so excited about they eyes! It warmed my heart so much. Sometimes the best art comes from a brief memory of what someone comments on your work. Its a nice change to be able to just draw a gift for someone than be drawing for my career. Balance is everything. I just sent this piece to them yesterday, very excited to see how they react to seeing it in person!