Often, when I am working in my studio I find myself overwhelmed with the life I have the honor of living.

Today, I am working on a custom piece for a new client of mine and simultaneously drawing another piece for Blackbook Gallery, the gallery I just became a part of a couple months ago.

It’s hard to explain, its almost impossible to put into words how much I truly love what I do. I can’t imagine doing anything else and thats exactly why I put in the amount of hours I do. I know I don’t have to by any means, I overwork myself often, But I overwork myself because I am addicted to what I do. I love it, so this helps ease the stress.

I want to put in as much time and energy as I can while I am young and hungry for these challenges in figuring out new ways to improve at creating and the entire creative process.

Denver has been so good to me. This is where I started my business 3 years ago, hungry for clients and paid work. Hungry for people to see potential from my work. I feel I have gained a huge amount of support here and I am so grateful for the people who have supported me and believed in my work. Its truly amazing to be able to have turned my passion into my career. WOW. Thank you everyone who has helped me get here, I wish I could HUG EVERY ONE OF YOU!

Feel free to email me, I love connecting to people who enjoy my work and follow my journey.


Email: Rashellestetman@gmail.com